Hog Tied

Hog Tied

Lena is a very sexual woman. She is multi-orgasmic, and loves to cum. She cums hard, easy, and very loudly I might add. However, what happens to a girl when you tie her up and vibrate her to the edge of an orgasm but never let her quite get there? What do they start promising so that you will let them cum? How hard do they beg for it? The ultimate in orgasm denial, including long scenes of sexual frustration and begging; watch at your own risk. Hog tied. We present you with another new face here at Hogtied! Hollie is your typical California girl: tall, tan, blond, and beautiful. However, she has another redeeming quality--she is tough. She came to us with limited experience in bondage, and she learned that she loves it. She loves being helpless, she loves the flogger, and she loves the pain and pleasure. Hollie is the real deal, and she sure looks great in a tight Hogtie. Enjoy.

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Hog tied This weekends BONUS update is a little different then our normal fare. It is well known we are starting a new Bondage website called www.bondagetrials.com. We have been searching for a rigger, Webmaster for this site. The following EXTRA BONUS weekend update is a video job interview if you will. We wanted to see their rope skills, and presence. We decided to use Hogtied as venue for the material. You can check out Sgt. Major's website www.bondagebarrix.com here. Have a nice weekend..

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