Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

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Devine Fuckingmachines Fuckingmachine MenAlexa's eyes roll back into her head as she comes over and over. Later, Alexa moans through the panel gag as she lies on her back with her hands and feet strapped together and chained up in the air. She is suddenly lifted off the ground where she swings back and forth. She screams and whimpers through the gag as her ass and pussy are flogged. Once again a thick cock and a vibrator placate her, and her muffled cries turn to pleasure instead of pain. Synethesia forced to orgasm in painful metal device bondage. I ask her about her name. "It's short for Synesthesia", she says, and pauses, looking up at me. I can tell she's just itching to give the definition, so I play along and ask. She says it means the blurring of the senses. Pussy Fuck Machines



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