Exclusive with video

Exclusive with video

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"Your latest addition, Kimberly & Nicole - Their Day, is excellent. The girls seem to have some genuine affection for each other (evidenced by the kissing), and they move easily and naturally from one activity to another. What a way to spend a day!!! I generally don't like outdoor stuff (it doesn't look as comfortable as a bed or a couch), but these sets (pix and vids) are exceptions"

"I have been waiting a long time to see a quality lesbian site. All I can say is you nailed it right between the eyes! OUCH! And your site layout is outstanding."

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Original with video

Original with video

Sapphic Erotica Nicole Mpg Sample. Diane, Jill Photo Series. Bridget and and Moriah (dark hair) finish decorating their Christmas tree and decide to make love in front of it. They kiss passionately and then Moriah licks Bridget's pussy and then they share a double dildo. The video of this didn't turn out. I'm sorry. They will appear in video with other girls soon (but not in a Christmas setting).

Sapphic Angelique Juliet Roxanne Download. Pixie, Laila Photo Series. Margaux and Jeannie make love in the bath. Jeannie shaves Margaux's hairy pussy and underarms (but not completely, she had to save that for the video). They finger and lick each others' pussies and kiss really passionately too.

Saphicerotica Wmv. Trisha, Amie Photo Series. The photographer told us that Gwen is part Filipina, part Hawaiian, and part Irish. She and her friend Katie kiss passionately, and then Gwen invites Katie to help her use one of her favorite toys. Katie uses it on her and kisses her and licks her clit. Then Katie uses one of her own toys, a silver bullet vibrator, on Gwen. You can see motion blur as the vibrator shakes the jewelery in Gwen's clitoral hood. Then Gwen uses it on Katie, and then she finger fucks Katie really well while rubbing her clit.

Sapphic Erotica Girls Right. Marcie, Trisha Photo Series. Jenny (blonde) and Katrin lick each other a little and then share a double dildo.

Sapphic Erotica Free Passwords. Ava, Sophie G Photo Series. The quality of some of the images on the first three pages is not all that good, but it is quite good for the rest of the images. The cheerleader outfits are a bit campy, but the kissing is really good. When they get out of the costumes, the lesbian sex is really intense. Both girls anilingate each other, and Pam (on the right) puts a finger part-way in Vicky's ass hole (see the last two pages). Vicky pulls Pam's labia with her mouth.

Sapphic Erotica Valerie And Romana Samples Movies. Dana, Katrina, Romana, Martina J, Rene, Valerie Photo Series. Petra (short hair) and Nicole have sex on a bed. They kiss passionately and lick and finger each others' pussies and use unusual metal toys. Nicole licks Petra's ass hole, and they also take turns fingering each others' ass holes too.

Sapphic Erotics Free Vids. Marissa, Daria Photo Series. (Left to Right in the 1st picture: Simone, Angelique, Elaine and Julie). The girls are reading magazines on a couch but get bored and start making out and have a 4-way lesbian orgy.

Sapphic Erotica Pretty Girls Doing It Movies. Kendra, Dana Photo Series. Lucie (dark hair) and Romana are fooling around in the gym when one thing leads to another. Romana catches Lucie with the hula-hoop and kisses her, and then they have sex using their fingers and tongues and kiss really passionately. Then they get out some powerful toys and please each other using them. Romana got her hair dyed since the last shoot. I liked her natural color better.

Saphicerotica Video Sample. Sam, Vicki Photo Series. Veronica (brunette) and Janne kiss passionately and lick and finger each others' pussies. Then they use a clear acrylic dildo, and then Veronica fucks Janne with a blue strapon. Janne has a cool fleshy thing in her pussy.

Sapphic Erotica Kimberly And Nicole Videos. Mary, Emily Photo Series. I was at the adult webmasters' convention in Las Vegas and was wandering around the floor, and I ran into Nicole. She wanted to do a shoot with her new friend Alissa. They were working in a booth for one of the big adult internet companies. The girls had been on their feet all day (they had been decked out in tons of makeup and were wearing stripper shoes) and their feet hurt. I think I've done enough "foot massage" for a while (if you're starting to get tired of it) but it seemed appropriate. The girls were tired and it shows in the pictures, but they really perked up for the video, which has some of the best kissing I've shot in a while. I didn't like the colors of the hotel room. I need to research this better for when I go back next year. The video turned out much better than the pictures.

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